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Why We’re Here

Along with the many advantages of Kubernetes – managing resources on Kubernetes is complex, causing operational overhead and critical issues, including CPU throttling, Out-of-Memory crashes, late to-scale, and over-provisioning which leads to huge cloud waste.

DevOps, SREs, and FinOps teams waste significant time and energy on repeated manual configurations, and chasing development teams to tune their container resources efficiently.

ScaleOps was founded out of the frustration of low utilization and high bills paid to the cloud vendors. Our mission is to provide a full easy-to-use platform that overcomes these complex challenges.

Our Mission


Free DevOps and FinOps

Eliminate repeated ongoing resource configurations cycles.

Pay Only for What You Use

Reduce K8s cloud costs by up to 80% while ensuring latency, throughput and availability are always optimized.

All-in-One Platform

Single platform to optimize all Kubernetes containers and any resource kind.

The Team

Backed by NFX, Glilot Capital, and top industry investors, our team consists of business and technology experts with a proven track record in resource management and optimization of large-scale cloud environments.