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The Automated Kubernetes Optimization Platform

Reduce cloud costs by up to 80%, ensure SLAs and save precious DevOps time from repeated manual configurations

Trusted by industry leaders worldwide

Elastic Pod

ScaleOps provides a full solution to rightsize your pods. Starting from recommendations to autonomous pod rightsizing using in-place resource updates capabilities to always ensure your resource requests and limits are optimized according to your needs.


Horizontal Scaling

Analyze, predict and align scaling triggers with business KPIs to scale just-in-time.
ScaleOps proactively ensures goal metrics are achieved by aligning your KEDA and HPA triggers with custom goal metrics.



ScaleOps ensures your k8s cluster is always ready for rapid scale-up events. Stop your pods from waiting for new nodes to be provisioned and improve your latency. The node headroom optimization integrates with any of the cluster auto-scalers.

Scaling Policies

Set workload-based policies according to the criticality and needs of every workload. Define behavior of resource allocation, auto-remediation, scale to zero, and periodical resource allocation.

Cost Visibility,
Insights And Alerts

Gain real-time recommendations and insights, understand your k8s cost structure, detect resource consumption anomalies, and get real time alerts accordingly.

Optimize In Minutes


Single Command Installation

2 min installation requiring read-only permissions.


Runs on Your Cluster

Keep all information in your hands to ensure your data is fully secured.


Optimize Your K8s Cluster

Gradually optimize workloads according to your appetite.

Any K8s Workload.
Any Cloud Infrastructure.