Automated Kubernetes Resource Optimization

Reduce your K8s costs by up to 80% using automatic optimization to pods and nodes to meet real-time demand without sacrificing performance

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Key Features

Dynamic & Automated Optimization of Kubernetes Workloads

Dynamic Pod Rightsizing

Break through the static limitations of manually setting CPU and Memory requests and limits with automated pod rightsizing.
ScaleOps continuously analyzes your containers’ compute usage and vertically scales K8s pods to meet demand in runtime.

Node Optimization

Continuously reduce cluster compute costs by identifying opportunities to remove under-provisioned nodes, replacing expensive nodes with more cost-effective alternatives, and consolidating pods onto efficient compute resources. ScaleOps responds rapidly and automatically to rapid load changes, ensuring optimal performance and cost-efficiency

Cost Visibility

Gain real-time recommendations, understand your cost structure, detect anomalies in resource consumption, and receive real-time alerts accordingly.



What Our Customers Say About Us

ScaleOps automatically optimizes Wiz’s containers in production according to our real-time needs, improving performance even during demand spikes. While dramatically reducing our K8s costs, the hands-free automation freed our teams from dealing with ongoing configurations, which is critical in our rapidly ever-growing environment

Ron Tzrouya
Lead Cloud FinOps & Analysis

ScaleOps’ automation optimizes our online applications in production to efficiently meet real-time demand. The significant reduction in cloud costs and elimination of repeated manual work have freed our teams, enabling them to focus on core projects. The fast time to value, particularly after the quick installation, has been immediately beneficial. Additionally, the availability of a 24/7 responsive team of experts is extremely valuable.

Eloise Ann Friedman
Director of Cloud Platform

ScaleOps automatically manages our resources and continuously optimizes our production workloads in response to demand. This platform has resulted in significant savings, all through a hands-free experience.

Igal Shprincis
Senior Software Engineer

Engineers should prioritize working on business logic instead of continually monitoring and configuring infrastructure settings, such as CPU and Memory requests/limits adjustments. Automation of this aspect is essential, and ScaleOps aids in achieving that, resulting in substantial cost savings on cloud instances and significant time savings

Elad Kollender
DevOps Group Manager

ScaleOps’ automation continuously optimizes our containers on production to meet real-time demand. The 2-minute installation was straightforward, and the immediate value was clear. It’s significantly reduced operational overhead, freeing our teams to focus on more strategic initiatives, while reducing our cloud cost by over 50%

Cristian Felix, Ph.D.
Product and Technology

Why ScaleOps

Up to 80% cost savings

Dramatically reduce the amount of nodes in your cluster

Free your engineers

Free engineers from repeated manual configuration cycles

Ensures workloads SLA

The right compute, at the right time

Start saving in minutes, not days

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