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Resource Optimization

Reduce K8s costs by up to 80%.
Ensure workloads SLA.
Free engineers from repeated manual configurations.

Self-hosted and supports all K8s environments:

Trusted by DevOps, Loved by FinOps

Dynamic & Automated Optimization of Kubernetes Workloads

ScaleOps is the industry-first Kubernetes Optimization Platform that automatically adjusts Compute Resources to changes in real-time, streamlining a new Kubernetes experience for engineering teams.

Dynamic Pod Rightsizing

Break through the static limitations of manually setting CPU and Memory requests and limits with automated pod rightsizing.
ScaleOps continuously analyzes your containers’ compute usage and vertically scales K8s pods to meet demand in runtime.

Node Optimization

Continuously lowers cluster compute costs by looking for opportunities to remove under

provisioned nodes, replace expensive nodes with cheaper alternatives, and consolidate pods onto more efficient compute resources and respond quickly and automatically to rapid load changes.

Cost Visibility, Insights and Alerts

Gain real-time recommendations, understand your cost structure, detect resource consumption anomalies, and get real-time alerts accordingly.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Why ScaleOps?

Up to 80% cost savings

Dramatically reduce the amount of nodes in your cluster

Hands-free experience

Free engineers from repeated manual configuration cycles

Ensures Workloads SLA

The right compute, at the right time

The Path to Kubernetes Freedom

The Path to Kubernetes Freedom
It’s easy as 1,2,3
Guaranteed value in 2 minutes


Helm installation using a single command line.

Full Visibility into Potential Savings

After the 2 min installation, your potential savings are presented in the dashboard.
This is “Read only” mode, so basically, you have nothing to lose

Switch to “Auto” mode

Begin by switching several workloads to "auto" mode to see ScaleOps in action.

Start saving in minutes, not days
Disclaimer: A 30-minute demo may blow your mind