Run your Kubernetes workloads on auto-pilot

The ScaleOps platform simplifies Kubernetes resource management by automatically adjusting nodes and pods to match real-time demand.

Designed and developed with DevOps in mind

Automatic Pod Rightsizing

Dynamically optimize pod requests and limits in runtime to always match real-time demand, to eliminate over-provisioned and under-provisioned workloads without downtime.

  • Automatic integration with HPA and KEDA – Optimize vertical scaling for workloads with horizontal scaler without manual intervention.
  • Seamless GitOps compatibility – Integrates effortlessly with any GitOps workflow, including popular tools like ArgoCD and Flux.
  • Auto-healing and Fast reaction – Proactive and reactive mechanisms to automatically mitigate issues caused by sudden unexpectable bursts and stressed nodes, ensuring stability and performance.

Node Optimization and Consolidation

Continuously optimize node selection and improve resource allocation using advanced bin-packing capabilities.

  • Node consolidation optimization – Continuously reduce the number of nodes and enhance any cluster auto scaler, including Karpetner.
  • Advanced bin-packing for unevictable pods — Continuously optimize pod scheduling and placement with PDBs and do-not-evict annotation, enabling nodes to scale down and dramatically reduce cost.


Smart Scaling Policies

 Allow different resource optimization strategies for every workload according to their unique needs

  • Zero onboarding time using context-aware and automatic policy detection – Out-of-the-box policies and automatic policy selection for any workload, including workloads needing special considerations (e.g., Kafka, RabbitMQ, Batch Jobs, CronJobs, Java-based workloads).
  • Support any workload type – including custom workloads based on CRDs, labels, and annotations, including Spark and Flink workloads, Jenkins Jobs, CircleCI Jobs, Argo Rollouts, and more.
  • Customizable and configurable policies – to allow your teams to define and set their desired behavior.

Unified Cost Monitoring

Allowing you to see allocated spend across all native Kubernetes concepts and get a breakdown of cost and resource allocation

  • Break down expenses by namespace, labels, annotations, clusters, and more across major cloud providers or on-prem Kubernetes environments.
  • View costs across multi-cluster and create detailed cost reports
  • Regularly monitor and accurately measure the consumption of each resource to ensure efficient usage and identify areas for improvement.


Your workloads, for 80% less

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The Bottom Line

The right compute at the right time

Worry less about your cloud infrastructure

Easy and simple to use

Give engineers their time back with automation that works 24/7

Maximize DevOps productivity

Onboard in minutes, and start saving immediately


What level of automation does the platform provide?

ScaleOps was developed to eliminate the need for any manual configuration, so engineers can put their workloads on auto-pilot and achieve the most optimal utilization of compute resources.

Is ScaleOps secured?

ScaleOps is not a SaaS platform, it is a light agent installed locally on the Kubernetes cluster, so all the data is stored locally.

Can ScaleOps integrate with Open-source auto-scalers?

Yes! ScaleOps seamlessly integrates with Karpenter, Cluster auto-scaler, HPA, or Keda to deliver that extra layer of optimization.